Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beanie's Folly, page 8

I've had some trouble drawing since I've been back in San Francisco. I've only had one day off since I've been home, and I managed to fritter it away reading old comics and watching old SImpsons episodes. I've had some inspiring experiences since I've been back, including a flattering e-mail from a guy who is just about as "famous" as an indie cartoonist gets these days. I've also been enthusiastically re-devouring a lot of the comics I rescued from my childhood collection just before it was sold. I just finished Peter Milligan's 'Egypt.' Despite some lacking art by Glyn Dillon (I thought he was so good when I was in high school) and Phil Gascoine (I'd never heard of him before, and I've not seen the name since), it was pretty good. It's got a great, weird plot about time travel and re-incarnation. The ending doesn't quite pull everything together, but after seven issues, I was so endeared to the main character, a free-wheeling jerk aptly named Vincent Me, that I didn't mind filling in some substantial gaps in plausibility myself. Re-reading Milligan's stuff has really reminded me where my narrative voice comes from. I've been reading stories about glib sociopaths since I was fourteen. Everyone in my books just talks like the lizard from 'The Enigma.' Anyway, here's page eight.

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  1. Aww, cutie, this one looks great. "Your farming hat!" HA. I'm so excited about this; the figures and expressions are dead on, and it's looking wonderful.

    You came up as a topic of conversation again last night during our monthly art trawl and it was roundly agreed that you're on top of your game and need to be read by a wider audience. I'll do whatever I can to facilitate this!