Monday, June 22, 2009

The Folly of Beanie Boylan, page 2 (pencils)

I'll be traveling quite a bit this month, so my plan is to pencil a bunch of pages at my base of operations here in San Francisco, then ink them while stylishly jet-setting from one hip local to another. This means the bulk of the book will be inked at a Denny's in rural Illinois. I'll post the pencils as I finish them. I'm sure you'll find the insight into my creative process utterly fascinating.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Folly of Beanie Boylan, page one

After months of shooting my mouth off about it, I decided to start drawing the next issue of my book. This is the first page of the sci-fi epic I mentioned a few months ago when I posted those drawings of robots. The cars were inspired by those from beloved Super Nintendo racing game F-Zero, the building was inspired by some photographs of factories from the 40's and 50's I discovered while tooling around online, and the story was inspired by my cheerful disdain for humanity. I'm moving at a pretty steady clip, so I'll be able to post a few pages every week. That's right, I'm going to post the whole goddamn thing on my blog as I draw it. Hopefully, by the time I'm done someone in a position to offer me a lucrative publishing contract will have seen it and I can start making some money off this horseshit medium.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Stuff About Ostriches

Here are the other two pages of the story Justin and I did for Always Comix. I've been working on them for six or seven hours a day all week. It feels great to be spending so much time on comics after so many weeks of drawing for an hour or two a day, if at all. I'm really excited to get started drawing the next Trackrabbit. Hopefully, I'll have the first few pages up sometime in the next week. In the meantime, here's more nonsense about huge birds.