Monday, June 22, 2009

The Folly of Beanie Boylan, page 2 (pencils)

I'll be traveling quite a bit this month, so my plan is to pencil a bunch of pages at my base of operations here in San Francisco, then ink them while stylishly jet-setting from one hip local to another. This means the bulk of the book will be inked at a Denny's in rural Illinois. I'll post the pencils as I finish them. I'm sure you'll find the insight into my creative process utterly fascinating.


  1. Wow, beautiful! I love the two figures in the top rightmost panel. I can't wait to see this inked. The CARS.

    Can I make a suggestion as far as Beanie's foot in the last panel? If you had it pointing straight down instead of forward I think it'd read more as a trip. Also, "military" has one L, but I should probably leave that for a drunken voicemail. ;)

  2. Geoff. I used to enjoy your work in Geb's basement. Your comics spoke to me. They said "Fuck you!" in a language I didn't quite fully understand...English, mostly.