Monday, October 19, 2009

Beanie's Folly, pages 16 and 17

Today was my first day back at the drafting table in a while. It was pretty frustrating. For a minute there, I thought about throwing in the towel and just drawing all lousy like everybody else. I thought better of it, though. You, my dear readers (both of you), deserve nothing less than my lazy, uneducated, chronically hung-over best. Enjoy.


  1. Oh man. I laughed so much at Ponchito's "reveal." STUDDED OVERALLS. I love that little guy. The rain on the tractor top is a really nice touch as well.

    As a general rule regarding both robots and mullets: introduce either one into a story and it'll never end well.

  2. I agree about mullets and robots.

    My only note is that Panel 1 and 3could use a little somethin' in the background. Like a framed needlepoint "Home Sweet Home" on the wall.

    Geoff these are really fantastic. You can see the joy on every page.