Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Deadpan Dickhead in Diary Debacle!

In an effort to "loosen up," generate "content" more regularly, and do the kind of comics that make inferior cartoonists unfathomable sums of money, I have started doing a "diary" comic. All joking aside, I'm only doing these as an exercise. I will not publish them unless some deluded jackass offers me a bucket of cash. I would, however, like some feedback. Do you like this looser style? Do you notice the absence of meticulously measured linear perspective? Are you offended by the way I drew you? You make the call, true believers! Here's the first two. New Trackrabbit pages will be up in a day or two (as if you cared).


  1. These are great.

    I do think adding a touch of white-out here and there would be useful. Especially with the black on black "halo" effects. In fact I'd love to see you try working negatively. Just dump some ink then white-out the positive values.

    I don't miss the lack of measured perspective. I'm not fond of the dot eyes when used on a profile. Maybe if they were tweaked to look like the set in the eye socket more? Maybe not.

    You should write the dates better and dick around with funny lettering. You're awesome at that.

    Again, really really great.

  2. I do not mind how you drew me!

    Ok, page one, panel four is just great.

    I'm "experimenting" and "as an excercise" did an autobio strip:

    Dots are fine for eyes but i feel like they sometimes need another mark (like a gesture towards bags or an eye wrinkle) to place them in the face.

  3. I don't know what this means:
    meticulously measured linear perspective

    and I refuse to look it up. I don't care but I think it's great. I love your stuff that's about you. It amuses me greatly.